Products: Composite Tank Containers

Energy Saving Transport of Liquids

CPT’s development of a one-step filament winding process for the production of pressure vessels opened up the opportunity to develop a lightweight composite tank container.

Traditionally tank containers consist of metallic tanks manufactured of stainless steel. Application of composite materials offer, amongst others, a reduction of weight and improved thermal properties.

Within a period of three years, CPT managed to develop, design, test and certify a new generation of tank containers:

An integrated design of a composite tank and steel frame created a so-called swap body tank container offering a 40% weight reduction and more than a 40% improvement in thermal performance when compared to metallic tank containers. The swap body tank container has obtained ADR/RID/CSC approval.  It results in substantial fuel savings per cubic meter of product transported and indeed leads to more sustainable logistics of liquids.

CPT introduced a new brand for its Composite Tank Containers: